Yacht Stability
Factors affecting the angle of vanishing stability

Yacht hull shape.

If the hull of a vessel is shaped like a plank lying on it's broad side, it is difficult to tip initially, but the yacht would be very stable upside down. This sort of hull shape would give a low AVS.

Yacht very hard to tip initially.
Yacht stable upside down.

If the hull of the vessel is shaped like a plank on its narrow side, it is easy to tip at first but very unstable upside down. A boat with a hull of this type of shape has a high AVS.

Vessel easy to tip initially.
Vessel very unstable upside down.

Vanishing stability curves for low and high displacement hulls.

Modern yachts tend to be beamier and of lower displacement than more traditionally designed older hull designs. Yacht design tends to be influenced by the shape of recent racing yachts, older vessels were more restricted in the shape that could be achieved by the limitation of the material used to build the boat.

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